Welcome by Poly-creation

We are a creative company and bring your ideas to life in fiberglass, rubber, silicone, styropor, Styrofoam, EPS, Tempex, casting resin, ...
Our clients are marketing agencies, production houses, , artists, themeparcs,family parks, stand builders, event agencies,
carnival associations, individuals, hobbyists, car and motorcycle, industry, and much more.
The quality of our products is very importent for us, and together with our customer we search for the right product application for his or her creation.
The entire process can be done in our own setting in Ledegem: design, sculpting of polystyrene foam, making molds, manufacturing in fiberglass, coating, finishing in color and details,..
That's how we can guarantee the quality of our products and the smooth running of the production process.
Our goal is to make solid, qualitative and beautiful creations.
Customization is our specialty, in fiberglass, carbon fiber, rubber, silicone, EPS, polystyrene, cast resin ....
Are you looking for a movieprop, setprop, eyecatcher on your exhibition stand, a 3D blow-up or 3D advertising object, promotional display,
eye catcher for your theme park, a pop-up counter, a promo cart, a prototype for an EPS packaging, shop or restaurant decoration , .. or do you have another creative idea?

Feel free to contact us.