Welcome by Poly-creation

We are a fiberglass company and specialised in all types of fiberglass activities;
The quantity of applications for a variety of industries is almost endless, almost everything is possible; many forms, a unique piece or a fiberglass production.
We make your desired furniture, bath, door, car ... completely customized.
We make everything in fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar.
The quality of our products is very important for us, we deliver solid work, and this for private and recreational purposes as well as for the industrial sector.
The entire process, from design, mold making, to the final finish of the product is done entirely in our own setting. So we guarantee the quality of our products and the smooth running of the production process.
Also for advice and repair of fiberglass damage you can contact us, also for the transportation of your products.
We work activily in:
Industrie, foodindustry, agriculture
Automotive, rally, kit car
Motorcycle sport
Themepark, theming, parades
Decor building, props, indoor playground
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you to develop your product(s).